Summer 2017

Big Horn River:

It is the first of August and our water levels are finally falling.  We can see the bottom again!  Water temperatures are falling too. Going from 66.6 f to 59.4 f.  This is great news since our fish enjoy the cooler water.  We should see an uptick in activity.  Hoppers, Streamers, Sow Bugs, Worms, and Tricos.  These are the main diet this month.

Missouri River:

Water levels are holding at 4420 on the Missouri as of August 4.   Water temps are in the Mid 60’s and holding.  Hoppers in the canyon and the Cascade flats.  Nymphing up by Holter Dam.  Pray for cooler temps.

Yellowstone River, Stillwater, and Boulder River:

Hoppers and Big Bugs on the surface are the ticket.  Dropping a bead head under the Big Bugs will produce too.  Waters are starting to really warm up so get out there early.

Blackfeet Reservation:

Lakes are starting to warm up significantly. Call Beau for directions to best Lakes for the day.